You will need large, firm boxes to transport EACH of your pictures home in as they will take a few days to dry.
                       (make room for boxes to lay flat in your car before you come).
LINE your containers with foil. plastic etc. so any liquids in them won't come out. Or use foil roasting pans, cake pans, etc. They work good for this. 

I suggest 2 or 3 canvases that have sides (not the flat boards).   9x12", 10x10" or similar sizes. They must fit in your boxes.
Put  some PUSH PINS into each corner on the back of your canvases. (push them all the way into the wood frame area closer to the center of the canvas- not by the outer edge.
Several smaller( maybe about 4 " tall aprox) plastic cups(at least 5 per canvas + 2 or more). (you need a cup for each color + 1 for each time your pour a canvas.)
Paints:  White, black + 3 or 4 colors of paint that you like.(or more) Choose colors that are bright (neons?) or  can be from same color family or contasting.  Metallics are great to use. (For sparkle bring some cheap sparkly powder eye shadow). I like aqua + copper, Silver + blues & purples..etc.If you aren't sure bring a bunch and decide after I demo. See samples below.

  *You might want to bring some stiff cardstock, matt board, foam core,
watercolor papers, play with your drippings.

Elmers glue- not school glue or clear. Just regular elmers.

You might want some thin latex gloves if you worry about your hands or nails. 
You will get messy.
Bring an inexpensive brush- 1/2 or 3/4" size, palette knife  & paper towels.
I will be bringing a few necessary supplies to use also.
I will demonstrate several techniques then we will go at it! FUN FUN!!