ACRYLIC WORKSHOP at Michaels Peoria IL

 White, cerulean blue, hookers green, thalo blue, deep violet, orange, burnt sienna.

                   11 x 14" canvas or canvas board. 
                          I suggest the value pack.
  Supply list should be available to you upon 
         online registration. 
A good brush set is the Taklon premium Filbert set by Craft smart     #10369401     $7.
10/0 Robert Simmons liner      #10472893
You will need a large acrylic brush for backgrounds, like a 3/4" or 1" filbert .

 Bring lunch or a snack. A drink too or buy one at the store.

  This 5 hour beginner workshop is great for anyone who hasn't painted or wants a refresher. Adults 
 Class Fee: $45. Supplies extra.
DATE: Fridays: May 3 or June 7
TIME:     9 am-2 pm

Register online here.
Put the zip code in the red box (61611) & class
will pop up as an option. Click on the class you want.​
The Michaels workshops can only be signed up for online. If you can't locate a computer, call the store to see if you can register on the stores IPad. You must register at least 24 hrs before class.  
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