Welcome to My Polymer Clay classes!
 Pam’s Class information: 
     I schedule my Polymer Clay classes at Hobby Lobby in Peoria.   Hobby Lobby has a nice classroom but
   take no registration nor do they answer any questions about my classes. 
  They do show class schedules (under the location Maps for when you locate the store nearest you (zip 61615.) 
  but check the times with MY website info.   
           The classroom is in the back corner by the framing counter and has a sign above door. 

Registering: Go to the Polymer Clay Class HL page (link is above)and click on the project (photo or link on text) you'd like to attend and
   you will see the supply list and a link in the upper right corner to register. Its just a form saying you plan to come.
   I would appreciate knowing at least 24 hours before class.
   I must have a minimum of 2 paid students to hold class. It’s always more fun if your best friend comes too.
   If you can’t come, it’s up to you to let me know asap or at least 2 hours before the class begins. 
   I appreciate it, especially if I need to call another student to cancel if not enough people.

Cost: The clay class fees are to be paid to me at the beginning of class in cash, or check. 
                               I will try to bring my square to take charges too.
Classes are 2 ½-3 hours ($20 tution) and begins promptly at the time stated on my website. 
I've reserved a 10-3 time slot as shown on the hobby lobby site but classes will be set up according to the projects as indicated on each project class page.  Most classes are 10-1 but if several people want to stay and pay $15, we might be able to do that sometimes.   Some classes may be extended to 4 1/2 - 5 hours for a class fee of $35. 
                                            Please be on time and set up by class time.

Supplies: Supplies are not included but I try to keep the costs down. There are basic supplies and tools used in every class. Extras depend on what we make and are listed on the supply list page for each project.
    ****A pasta machine is a must so look at thrift stores, estate sales etc or ask if a friend or relative has one they don’t use. It won’t be used for food again. If buying one at craft store use a coupon. They run about $28 at craft stores without the coupon.  i have a couple extra and if you are a new students and want to use mine you may One time if you let me know ahead of time.

INFO: I announce the classes on the Hobby Lobby store schedule, on Facebook, thru my emails & on my website.
 To stay up to date, email me your info or go to my website to sign up for my emailing list.  (if registering for a class, add a note at the bottom to be added to my email list.
 The “Polymer clay class” page will inform you about the class, supplies needed, pictures, upcoming projects, etc. 
Just click on the photo for the supply list and to register.
                              I appreciate it if you “follow, like, and share” my class info!

  If you are missing a supply, don’t worry. I might have extra or you can purchase it in the store.
  Snacks (or lunch ) is fine to bring. Extras are ok too. Grin. DO bring your own beverages. I don’t think you can get
 them at Hobby Lobby. My classes are ADULTS ONLY since you might be using sharp tools.

 You can call, text or email me any time if you have a question or problem.
Hobby Lobby has no information other than date  & the reserved time slots.  
                                   (I prefer a text, email is slowest. lol)
 I hope you enjoy our classes and will continue to join us.   
                       WARNING: Polymer Clay is a highly additicting art form. You have been warned!! 

                            Pam Miller website: www.pam-paints.com  
                            Email: pam-[email protected] 
                                          or [email protected]
                                          My cell: 309-253-1789.