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The sign up 24 hours in advance rule still  applies. (The polymer clay classes might not be available for online registration. Sign up in the store.) This class may be listed as a multi media JEWELRY class.
  If signing up online, I would appreciate a quick email telling me what class & date you've signed up for!
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Polymer Clay Classes
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Contact ME if you have any questions.
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SUPPLIES- Premo clay
Supplies to always bring: clay(Premo brand!), your clay pasta machine, clay blades, acrylic
    roller, exacto knife,  needle tool, extruder if you have one & supplies listed for each project.
Your first class? All you need is the clay.  You may use my extra pasta machine and tools in your first class.   ***Just be sure to let me know before class, so I bring them.
Class fee: $20  + supplies.   I am required to have at least 2 paid students to hold class.
                                                         Adults :    15 & over
        How to handle clay withdrawl!
1.  Come to a clay class and get your fingers into the best stuff ever!
2. Bring a friend, its so fun to share a craft!
3. Talk to fellow clay addicts.
4. Create your own unique items.
5. Make new friends & talk some more.
6. Stay for Guild. Bring show n' tell items you have made, new
      books, & ideas!
7. Share the details of the upcoming class & Guild day with others
    for a fun time.
8. Bring all clay supplies (pasta machines, exacto knife, etc.)
Scroll down to see pictures of clay items & techniques we've done in classes!!
please sign my
Upcomging Polymer Clay classes:                                                          
  Saturday,  March 22,              1-4 pm
Clay Covered EGGS!  April  5
Supplies to bring:
Premo Brand Clay:
We can use those plastic eggs that you can open in the middle to put candy in for easter or paper mache egg. I have a couple extra plastic ones.

Clay to cover your egg  and  any canes  you would like to put on them. (flowers, leaves, kaliedscopes, mokume gane, etc.)
If you don't have canes I will bring a few to sell if you want or you can bring a variety of colors of clay to add a filagree, swirly decorative layer.
If you aren't sure of what you want, call me and we can talk about options.

You will also need:
Pasta machine (not used for food), clay blades, clay tools, an acrylic roller. I will bring cookie cutters to use for pendants. Bring your extruder if you have one too.

You may bring an object to cover like an altoid tin or a glass jar or ornament. 
***If this is your first clay class, you may use one of my pasta machines.
(Let me know beforehand). We do sell them also.
Click pictures to see
a larger view.
Remember to sign up in the store AT LEAST 24 hours before the class.