Acrylic Painting Classes 
      With Pam Miller      
   Michaels Arts & Crafts Store in Peoria, IL.

Peoria Michaels Store: 309-740-9347
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Jan. 2017
Feb. 2017
Mar. 2017
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All class tuitions in Oct. Nov. & Dec. are 
discounted (from $25) down to 
$15 !!!
© Pam Miller 2017
© Pam Miller 2017
November CLASSES
© Pam Miller 2017
      Witchy  Tricks
Thurs. Oct 12     12-3p

        9x12" or 11x14"
Free Painting class 
           age 14 & up.
MON. Oct. 16th    6:30p
      -supplies are required.
Paint Wood Slices:
          Halloween Ornaments
please register 24 hours before class.
Due to changes from the company, I am now only allowed a specific amount of hours each month to teach classes. That is why some of the changes in the projects I"m offering and the time slots.

   If you wish to paint a different project than the one listed on the class dates, talk to me and I will see if we can work it out.

   ***Classes begin at 
the time listed!
Please come a bit early, 
get set up & be ready to paint!
            Autumn Garden Walk
 Thurs.  Nov.  2   
10-12:30 (part 1) & 12:31-3 (part 2)
12x16" canvas
      ~Blooming Still Life~Thurs. Nov. 9th  
 10-12 & 12:30-2:30

You choose your flowers &
we paint them in class. I have sunflowers but if you want Christmas,(think pointsettias, berries, holly etc.) we will borrow silks or an arrangement from the floor and paint them. For a specific vase, bring a picture or create one. Bring your choice of colors.
                                                  12x16" canvas
<--There's a couple seats left for this class. Holler at me if its less than 24 hours and you want to sign up.